Sunday, 16 January 2011

Valentines Hints.

I know Valentines Day is about a month away, but I need to have something to look forward to at all times, so the daily grind doesnt get me down, and next on the calender, is Valentines Day. Anyone annoyed about being single look away now Im not trying to rub it in.

Ive always loved this holiday, I know it seems like a waste of money but I really dont mind! This will be my thrid Valentines with my David, and each year has been so lovely. In 2009 we went on a little weekend cruise to Amsterdam. The Red Light District really was an eye opener, but the rest of the city was gorgeous and we had an amazing time on the ship too.

Here we are, just chillin' with Obama in Madame Tussauds (Definately spelt that wrong!). Please excuse our ridiculous clothing choices.

Last year we were a little more skint so we opted for a few drinks in The Storybook, went over the road to the cinema to see a special screening of Pretty Woman, can you tell I had a lot of influence on the evening? Afterwards we had a lovely meal in god old Frankie and Bennys, our regular haunt. I came home and was told to wait in the porch for 5 minutes, then came in to find the house covered in candles and roses. Aww, hes such a sloppy romantic.

Anyway enough with the boring stories, this post was intended to be about Lush, and their Valentines range of products that Im dying to try! Im a little confused though as theres about 3 of the Valentines products that arent in their Valentines gift are us girls meant to hint on for a gift set and get the new stuff in it! So it looks like Ill have to take a trip to Lush and buy these for myself....

The Frog Prince Bath Ballistic
Scent: Jasmine, Rosewood and Neroli
Price: £2.75

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
Scent: Strawberries and cream
Price: £2.30

The Ex Factor Bath Ballistic
Scent: Described as musky and creamy
Price: £1.99

I particularly enjoy this one as in some sort of wicked way, you can just pretend its your ex thats fizzing away in the water, I think that might be the whole idea behind it.

Theres a soap too that looks pretty, and a shower gel I think but Im not as bothered about those really, I might just let him suprise me and just buy these three for myself

Anyone tried them out yet?



  1. Cute little post. I love Valentines Day :)
    Have mentioned you in my latest post .... thanks for the heads up on the code xx

  2. I used the Frog one the other day. Did you know the lips are actually lipgloss!!!!!? Not a good lipgloss mind you, but still!