Thursday, 27 January 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: 10 Items I Cannot Live Without

1. My phone, Samsung Galaxy X. I have this constant nerdy argument with my friends who have iPhones, the Galaxy is better, end of story. I need it all the time, really dont know what I would do without it.

2. My laptop. No laptop, no blogging, simple.

3. My boyfriends car, hes my chauffer really, bu I give him petrol money so I dont feel too bad. I would have to get a million buses to get anywhere as I dont live on a good bus route, so thankyou David and his wonderful Fiesta. This isnt his actual car...but it looks the same.

4. My iPod, its my baby. It cheers me up every single day.

5. Nail Polish, preferably Barry M. I cant stand having bare nails, I always feel like my hands look so manly with bare nails, I rarely go out without nail varnish on. Plus my naisl are now stained this awful orangey colour from being constantly polished, so Im in this vicious cycle of having unhealthy nails which need a rest, but theyre an awful colour so  I want to cover them up. Never mind!

6. The fridge. It holds too many beautiful foods for when Im starving, which is far too often.

7. A handbag, I need something to carry loads of needless crap around with me at all times. Im so used to having one on my arm I feel wierd without one. Shame I cant afford a beautiful one which could last forever.

8. The bath, my sanctuary of warmth and good smells. I want one like this, with candles all around it...

9. My bed, with the electric blanket, I like to be warm and cosy :).

10. Sex and the City boxset, I would save this in a fire.


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  1. I have the same phone as you. It's great isnt it. I am a Anti-Iphone person!

    Also I dont drive and my boyfriend is my chauffer aswell!!