Friday, 28 January 2011

Five Good Things for Friday

1. My frangrance direct order has arrived, I cant wait to go over to my Nanas to get it later on! I get my parcels devlivered to her address as I know theres nearly always someone in to get it for me. One fragrance direct haul post coming up! I dont even remember what Ive bought haha.

2. Im going for drinks and to the cinema with David tonight. Weve both had a really stresful kind of week so were jsut gunna chill out, and if I get my way we will see Black Swan which Im dying to see!

3. My friend Hayleigh who moved away a few years ago is making a return to South Shields today, meaning a well needed night out for us girls on Saturday. Just need to decide what to wear.

4. The daffodil buds are coming out in the front garden, hello spring time!

5. Ive found a new love for Cookie Crisp cereal, which is only a good thing as thats the only cereal that seems to be bought in this house.

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