Friday, 21 January 2011

Five Good Things For Friday, Long Time No See!

Well Im unsure how long its been since I was last on here, but it feels like far too long in my book. My computer is finally fixed! So Im back and you wont be getting rid of me easily...

Five Good Things

1. Its been a Lush week! Quite literally, Christmas lush gift sets have been in full swing, Ive gone through three bath ballistics, and two bubble bars, and finally broken into my Snow Fairy shower gel. MMM beautiful bathing goodness. Ive even got David to use a bath ballistic haha! I had taken a picture of The Boog ballistic in all its full fizzing glory when all the colours marbled on the top of the bath water and turned the bubbles multi colours, but theyre on Davids phone, and hes out, boo! I might jsut have to make a random post with them in.

2. All is good with my friends, finally! We had a huge argument a few weeks ago, followed by a week of not speaking at all, weve brushed it ll under the rug for now, even though the topic will have to be discussed in the future, oh dear. But for now Im enjoying their company again, including two hilarious nights out on saturday and monday...symbolised below with a good old armslength photo.

3. Tonight Im babysitting for my rather rich uncle, meaning I get £40, free takeaways and free reign of the sky box, for looking after my good as gold cousins who are 10 and 14, and pretty much dont need me for anything. Fabulous!

4. Olly Murs. Just, because.

5. Meeting deadlines. I know Im a super nerd, but this actually makes me happy, and Im finally fully caught up, and meeting deadlines like theres no tomorrow. The stress is just falling away :)


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