Saturday, 29 January 2011

False Eyelashes Victory!

All my friends know the love/hate relationship I have with false eyelashes, I lvoe them, but I always find them impossible to apply properly. I'm also really fussy so if I get them on and theyre slightly uneven, they have to come off.

I was sat in last night watching Get Him To The Greek (hilarious), and thought I'd give it a go when it wasnt so important whether it worked or not. I'm pleased to report this was the result (excuse the cheesy photo)...

False Lash victory at last! I used eyelure glue that I had from the last attepmt with some Girls Aloud lashes, but I used some E.L.F lashes I got recently. I found the lash applicator I showed in a recent E.L.F haul really helped me, I may be a flase lash convert now.

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