Friday, 21 January 2011

10 Day Challenge: Intro and Day 1

When I first tarted my blog, I did a 30 day challenge. Although I enjoyed it for a while, 30 whole days really did pose to be a challenge. I just came across this 10 day challenge at misssavealittle. I really like the idea of it, I like to do these kind of posts just as much as the typical beauty related ones which Ive beenslacking on lately... So heres the challenge. Id love to see some of you doing it too t see your responses :)

Post 10 things to answer 10 different questions in 10 days:
Day One: 10 Things About You.
Day Two: 10 Things You Love.
Day Three: 10 Things You Hate.
Day Four: 10 Things You Want To Say To A Person.
Day Five: 10 Wishes.
Day Six: 10 Items You Cannot Live Without.
Day Seven: 10 Important People.
Day Eight: 10 Of Your Favorite Songs.
Day Nine: 10 Ways To Win Your Heart .
Day Ten: 10 Final Words.
Heres it goes...Day 1: 10 Things About You.
1. I am the ultimate stress head. It takes nothing to get me wound up and stressed out, and I end up in frustrated tears all too often. Its ridiculous really, and it often gets taken out on the wrong people, my poor boyfriend is so tollerant.
2. I am addicted to green tea, at least two cups a day is needed to keep me going, I swear it was the only thing that got rid of my awful acne.
3. I still have my three cuddly toys that Ive had since little white kitten, my lion, and simba from the lion king. I would be hysterical if I ever lost them.
4. I only get my hair cut once a year, theres no real reason, Im just lazy and always feel my money will be better spent elsewhere.
5. I would lie in the sun and sunbathe forever, even though it takes a million years for me to tan.
6. I don't like the taste of water. I know Im a freak, but it tastes like crap.
7. I can eat a whole cheesecake in one sitting, one of those big ones that are meant to be shared with a whole family.
8. I am obsessed with The Lion King, I make my family play the soundtrack in the car now and again, Im not all that popluar at these times.
9. When we had the meeting about starting your period, in Year 7 at school in the school hall, I passed out flat on the floor and woke up in the medical room.  Ive since had to get over the fact that we have to live with periods.
10. I'm genuinely attracted to Sir Alan Sugar, dont ask.
I feel as though photos in this post would be a bit pointless...everyone knows what water looks like and what The Lion King heres a photo which Im slightly reluctant to share, proof of a good night out when photos have to go in the private "BANNED" album on facebook which is only shared with my closest friends. It says a lot about you lot when Im willing to show you things I wont show my facebook friends list...

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  1. awww, i love tea too! :)

    awesome list, hayley. have fun completing the challenge. x