Friday, 28 January 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: 10 Important People

Im not sure if I have pictures of everyone, or if they want to be on here so some may remain faceless for now...Some of these may be overly obvious.

1. My mam, shes amazing. The biggest stress head I've ever came across, thats where I must get it from. But she has a heart of gold and puts everyone before herself, which isnt always a good thing. Love you mammy!

2. Ill say my Nanna here, as shes in the picture too. I just love her so much, she's been so good to us its crazy.

L-R. My auntie, my mam, my nanna, and me, on my 18th birthday.

3. My Dad. He's had such a tough time, I just wish some good luck would come his way, he deserves all; the good things in the world. Love you daddy!

4. My Grandma. She plants flowers in little pots and gives them to me, she makes the best ever apple pie, and knits gorgeous slouchy jumpers. Honestly pobably the nicest person Ive ever met.

L-R: My grandma, and my dad, at his 50th birthday.

5. My dearest granda, I miss him so much, still can't believe he's gone. Love you and miss you millions granda xxxxx

L-R: David, Ahmet, and my granda on my 18th birthday.

6. David, my boyfriend. He's put up with me whinging and being a pain in the bum for 2 and a half year, Im a lucky girl.

David in Salou in 2009, really glad he didn't buy that.

7. Ben, my brother. He knows I'm always right, no matter how many of his teenage strops he pulls on me. I just miss how cute he was when he was 3 and not 13. But he's a good kid and I wouldn't change him for the world.

Me and Ben at a family wedding in June 2010

8. I havent got enough spaces for all my friends so I have to pick and choose a few, so here goes. Jen, my best friend. Always has been and always will be. We always think the same, want the same things, were so similar its crazy. Apart from shes so healthy and athletic, and I'm the opposite. Im pretty sure this photo is already floating around my blog somewhere, but I love it, it's framed on my bedroom wall.

Me and Jen when we went to London to see the Spice Girls. How lucky were we!

9. Although its hard to choose just one of my girls, Im going to go with Caroline, we constantly know what each other is thinking by just giving each other "the look". Were always in fits of laughter, and I just love her to bits. Cue crappy ancient webcam photo.

Me and Caroline, in my room in 2007.

10. I know you shouldnt have favourites in your family. But I have 12 cousins, and theres no way I could ever put them all here. Me and Megan are like twins, only Im four years older than her. She may be 15 now, but when shes older there will be some good times to be had I can tell. She comes to me about everything, boys, friends, clothes, make-up. Shes like the little sister I never had, and also rather good at playing with photos...


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