Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I love Eyeko...

I know most of you are aware of Eyeko but I just have to say I cannot fault this company in any way. Every single product Ive tried from them has been exceptionally good qualit,y and their attention to detail and relationship with customers is outstanding in comparisno to any other cosmetics company I've came across.

Their Eyeko Ambassador programma is amazing I think. You can use my code at the checkout to get a free gift on top of what you've already ordered. I love this as it means you get to try something for free and its a total suprise what you get as the gifts vary.
 My code is E12617.
 Last week was the first time someone used my code, and as well as them getting a free gift with their order, I recieved this lovely little package in the post the other day...

I found these upon opening the envelope, a postcard congratulating me on my sale, and these business card type things where I can write iin my code and give them to people so they can use it online. Also I was very excited to get one of the London Lipglosses in the color Primrose Hill.

I immediately tried it on, and its gorgeous, a really nice pinky colour that would be good over any pink lipstick as its not overly pigmented. Also it looks very glittery in the tube, which transfers to a nice subtle shimmer when applied. I did try to take a photo of it on, but my camera was out of battery :(

I really like this about Eyeko, they appear to be "friendly" haha I know that sounds wierd. I know any Eyeko Ambassadors reading this will find this to be old news, but I was quite excited and I jsut thought I would show you guys and let you know about the free gifts you can get.

Much Love

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