Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Yesterday I painted my nails with one of the new Burlesque OPI nail laquers that I got in my "Mini Tasters" set for Christmas. All of the colours were very festive, in shades of red, some more glittery than others, some more true reds while some are far more on the orange side. I chose the most sparkly of the bunch to have a go with, and I have to say I was impressed. These polishes dry impressively quickly, unlike ohers where my nails can be ruined even an hour later. It doesnt tell me the name on the bottle, but if Im corrent by memory, I believe this is called The SHow Must Go On, and I'm definately purchasing a full size bottle...
By Lamplight, trying to capture the sparkle. It looks beter in real life.

I strongly advise anyone who loves sparkle to go get this. Its not like full of grainy bits of glitter either though so its not a nightmare to get off. I need to try more OPI polishes, any good ones?


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