Monday, 31 January 2011

Ebay Sale

So I finally got round to de-cluttering my wardrobe, a lot of it was old stuff that has seen better days, so off to the carity shop three black bags went.
But there were a few items that I thought were decent enough to stick on ebay, I stuck to strictly clothes Ive enver actually worn at all before, I think old worm clothes would be a waste of my time really, and I would have had too many to put up. But Ive had a good clear out anyways, my wardrobe as starting to remind me of the one on 27 Dresses where the doors cant shut...

Ive been on ebay for the past THREE hours putting things up there. Like I say, everything up for sale is completely brand new, tag or no tag. Im not like the sneaky ebayer who claimed an item was unworm and then it arrived at my door with a click in it and bobbly bits. Hmm. =/

I would'nt want to be the person who did that to someone anyway, so I give you my word everything is brand new, please go have a look theres some nice things there that just dont fit me now!

Thankyou beautiful bloggers!


  1. I have just done the same thing and have a pile that I would like to put on ebay, however I have no idea how to sell on ebay :/ annoying haha. xx

  2. I sooo need to sort my wardrobe out, i de-cluttered a few weeks back but i need a little more organisation.... it's jam packed, oops.

    Will check your link out :).