Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ive Caved In, and Im Not Proud...

I'm back on the bottle, and by that I mean this bottle...

The last time I went near it was August of last year, for a night out. I had become rather partial to my tanning routine all summer, saying as I wasnt having my "summer holiday" until October. I hit a point somewhere in the middle of August where I went on the sunbeds, slap on the wirst for that. It didnt help that I was working in the sunbed shop, and every girl that ccame in was perfectly sunkissed, whilst I was either pale, or had to go through the whole process of false tanning. Anyway, I got burned, and quit my job, and that was the end of that.
By this point I had my holiday, and came back off that looking rather naturally bronzed, no need for the tanning. Then winter came, and I just couldnt be bothered, and really wanted to "embrace the pale". I have done so very successfully, until this morning. I got out the shower, seen myself in the full length mirror looking like Casper the friendly ghost, and something snapped in my head. Sick of the pale, out comes the tan, and here I am, stinking of the stuff, but happy with my instant skin colour overhaul.

Dont get me wrong, I salute the porcelain skinned beauties such as my best friend Caroline, but I just look dead, and I got sick of it. Dont know how long this will last, I might get too lazy and become a walking zombie again, but for now Im a happy orange bunny :)

Totally pointless random post. But there we have it
Hope youre all well

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  1. I was thinking of digging out my bottles of this! I want a bit of colour! Need to get into spring/summer mode!