Sunday, 5 December 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 18

A photo of your dream wedding. This is a tough one. Ive always struggled to think of what would be my poerfect wedding. I love the thoughts of going away to an exotic beach and having it there, but I also love the thought of a beautiful British wedding in a big old castle or stately home. Yeh, I dont want much do I!

What I do know is I want all of my friends and family around me, I couldnt bare to do the whole eloping to Vegas thing and coming back with a ring on my finger. It needs to be planned in every single detail for ages up until the big day. I would be the ultimate Bridezilla haha.

As far as wedding dresses go I think this is pretty amazing, although I don't know f I would suit it.

Haha, my boyfriend will get so freaked out if he reads this post!


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  1. LOVE this dress!!! And your blog! Following now :)