Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm proud of my little tree...

In the last challenge post I promised to show you all my little tree when I put it up. Well I did it a few hours ago, and every year I always love it, my little bit of girlyness in my boyfriends room. Even though I only have my phone at the minute to take photos I got a bit camera happy....

Lights off

Lights on

Sugarplum Fairy




I got these four ornaments from Accessorize a few years ago, they were a bit pricey at around £3-£4 each, but I really love them. The rest of my baubles, lights, tinsel, beads and tree were all very inexpensive from Asda, and probably cost around the same as these four little cuties alone.

My angel! :)

I absolutely love her, isnt she sweet? I also got her from Accessorize and I think she was somewhere between £8 and £12, I'm not too sure. I love all the little detailing on her, like the little sequins on the star she has, and her wooly hair, and all the different materials she's made up from.

I hope you guys enjoy decorating the tree as much as I do. My little one is only 3 foot tall bless it, I still think its really cute though.



  1. Very festive! I've not done any Christmas decorating :( very Bah-Humbug of me! x

  2. I love your little tree too! It's so cute and feminine!
    Tamera xo

  3. Your tree is so cute.

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