Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I'm SOOOO Excited!

I have been absent from my blog over Christmas and even though its only been a few days I've really missed it!

I've been really ill over Christmas with what my whole family is insisting was swine flu. I'm not so sure but it was definately more than your average winter cold. Anyhow I battled on through Christmas and still had a lovely time even though I could'nt eat anything, I may be the only person ever to come out of Christmas a few pounds lighter. In my poorly state I didnt take any photos, and forgot to take any of my presents in the past few days and I've now found "homes" for most of my stuff but I'll try and dig them out and do a Christmas present haul to show you lot, as were all a bit nosey like that.

I got a fantastic suprise as I was reading through the blogs and catching up on my blog reading that Ive left for a few days, and I came across the winners post of a competition I entered at the beginning of September....and you'll never guess who won! ME! The girl who never wins anything won :D YEY!

The contest was an advent competition with a prize unveiled each day leading to Christmas by Kirsty at Fashion Face. I lvoed the idea and was the first to enter and I was so suprised to find that I'd won! So thankyou Kirsty! I can't wait to recieve my prizes and Ill do a post on it when my package arrives.

Im going to squeeze in a few "proper" posts before I go away with my boyfriend for New Year, rather than these rambly update ones, but for now its over and out from a very happy and spoiled girl.



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  1. aww I was ill over christmas too and also forgot to take pictures too!!
    have fun at new year xxx