Wednesday, 15 December 2010

30 Day Challenge: Day 30! Hurrah!

So this is the last of my 30 day challenge posts, and although some may have been a little late, hey I still finished each one! This jsut means I'm going to have to stop being lazy relying on these posts to fill out my blog, time for some real hardcore blogging!

But for now, the last post asks for a photo of when I was happy. I'd say Im pretty happy most of the time so as usual I cant pick just one, here goes...

March 2010
A trip to the Langdale Hotel, yes that is a bath tub in the background and the tap came from the ceiling, and the bed was triple king size! With full unlimited use of the hotel's spa. My boyfriend knows how to treat a girl. :)

Halloween 2008
The first photo of me and David, who knew we would still be together 2 years later.

December 1999
Me and my best friend Jen before we went to see the Spice Girls in London, how cute were we haha! I had the velvet trend down way back then.

June 2008
Year 11 prom, needless to say my hairdresser was sacked that week, but we had a lovely time, I still have my dress I refuse to sell it.

May 2008
Last week of school, Year 11 relaly was the best year of school I miss it so much! These were my four best girls at school, still love them millions, wish we got to see each other every day still.

Oops, think I did a few too many. Time to stop Hayley haha.
Anyhow, thats th elast of the Challenge posts so you can look forward to better posts to come.


  1. Cute.

    Could you please check out and follow my blog?

  2. Awww the pic of you and your man is so cute. It so lovely when you can look back years later and you're still together. Great post x