Saturday, 11 December 2010

Five Good Things

Being given money to go choose your own Christmas presents from older relatives. I got loads of stuff for myself today the my grandparents are wrapping up and keeping me for Christmas, I still get suprises from my parents and my boyfriend, so its good to know that I'm getting stuff I want and need as well as suprises. Beats getting stuff you dont really like and having to do the fake "Thankyou I love it!" smile. Everyones a winner.
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Saying Happy Chrismukkah and fellow fans of The OC lighting up at the memory of Seth Cohen.
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Good make-up, clothes and hair days when you run into a certain someone in town who you just don't want to look like crap in front of, even if it is all in the past. You girls know what I mean. Its just a good feeling.

Recieving Christmas cards, proving its the thought that counts, I love getting and giving cards.

My advent candle is getting smaller by the day and its a cute kinda stumpy size now, which can only mean its getting closer and closer to Santy coming!

Can you tell I'm in total Christmas mode now?
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