Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Santa Baby...#4

Good old St. Nick would really please me if he paid a visit to urban outfitters homeware section then placed a nice little suprise parcel under my tree.

I often find myself googling the site and heading straight to all the gorgeous home accesories. Although I do live at home with the olds, I cant wait to get my own place and express myself around the house in the way I would like to. Heres a few little things that I'd like, but really can't justify spending my own money on...

 Fairest Frame Set - £25.00

Pip Studio Floral Jug - £25.00
Don't have any real need for a jug, its just pretty.

Bunny Ring Holder - £10.00

I could write a huge list of basically the whole stock, but those are my little favourites :)



  1. i love that bunny ring holder! sooo cute!
    & the mirror photo frames! :D


  2. I can't wait to buy my own house for this very reason- I've got so many pages ripped from interior design magazines of how I want to decorate but can't in our rented flat!x

  3. I adore that frame set, so so cute!!
    Have I told you before that I love the selection of images you have on both sides if your blog? <3 <3

  4. ahh thankyou Catanya :)

    Emily Im exactly the same, I suppose wanting it for agesd will make us appreciate when it actually happens xx

  5. I love those frames!!! So beautiful!
    Tamera xo

  6. LOVE the little bunnies! I have a random hand that I hang necklaces and stuff off (kind of creepy when I catch a glimpse in the middle of the night), but those bunnies are way, way cuter and much nicer! x