Thursday, 30 December 2010

50 Things To Do In 2011

Last year I made a list of 100 things I wanted to attempt, or acheive by the end of 2010. Creating the list was a bit of fun at first, listing things like "learn to ride a horse" which in reality I wasnt gonig to get round to, but I ended up putting in things like "spend more time with my dad". Things I should and can do. Last time I read through the list, I think I'd achieved about 18 of my goals, bearing in mind some of them can only be measured after the full year like "drink water every day".

Anyways, I thought this year it could be interesting to do a similar list but on my blog, and I could tag my readers to do one as well, its a good way to motivate yourself and get you thinking about even the smallest things you would like to do better or change in the coming year. Ive shortened my list to 50 as 100 was a bit too difficult and long, but you can do as many or as little as you like!

So without further ado...

1. Take time out to read more.
2. Exfoliate more often.
3. Take breaks without nail varnish so my nails aren't so weak
4. Drink water every day
5. Go to the gym at least once a week
6. Take fruit for breaks at college rather than spending a fortune in the vending machines
7. Get 3 stars on every angry birds level, dont judge!
8. Finally pass my driving test
9. Get distinctions on my college courses
10. Get in to Northumbria Uni
11. Stop losing my phone charger
12.Travel somewhere Ive never been before
13. See Legally Blonde in London
14. Get a good camera
15. Stop burning my fingers when I light candles
16. Persevere with sales rails rather than being put off by them
17. Make a good charity shop purchase
18. Do a car boot sale of all my old stuff
19. Find new teas that I might like
20. Finally have my holiday with the girls
21. Teach my little cousin not to be afraid of the water and maybe even teach her to swim
22. Learn a new craft
23. Work my way through every recipe in a cookbook(yet to purchase one)
24. Stay awake through films my boyfriend wants me to watch rather than falling asleep
25. Train myself to like nachos so the smell of them in the cinema isnt so bad
26. Order something Ive never thought of trying in a restaurant (Im a picky eater)
27. Get into a proper sleeping routine
28. Actually start saving up for New York
29. Spend less money on junk food and actually cook stuff, stop being lazy with my food!
30. Start watchig Gossip Girl because every says I would love it
31. Decorate my room at dads new house and generally help him with "Project Oxford Ave."
32. Try every Lush Bubble Bar that there is
33. Finally get skin matched for MAC foundation
34. By September have somewhere stable to live, possibly my own flat, and definately only live in one house rather than having all of my belongings split three ways.
35. Make a genuine friend out of blogging, why not :)
36. Help out a friend in need, because they've done it all for me
37. Start training to do a marathon for MacMillan Cancer Care in 2012
38. Get my ears pierced
39. See those friends who I miss loads more
40. Treat my hair better and get it trimmed more often 
41. Be a tidyer and more organised person in general
42. Get a good job
43. Continue on my blogging journey throughout the whole year
44. Do something memorable for my nana, I dont know what yet, but she deserves something good to come her way.
45. Take Molly out on the fields. Yes my dog has never been let off her lead on a field, she needs to get over her fear of dogs first. Im determined to get her over it.
46. Watch a horror film, this is a big ask for me.
47. Go camping
48. Eat at Romanos again (last time our meal for two was £100, and was worth every penny)
49. See Rihanna live again
50. Take my boyfriend to feed the lambs at Whitehouse farm, hes never fed a lamb, I consider this as something that has to be done.



  1. Hey :) I couldn't see if you had twitter, but I just wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award!


  2. ahh thankyou so much I was just reading over it and seen my name then found this comment :) yeh i do have twitter but i cant get into using it =/

    But thankyou so much it means a lot :D

  3. This is such a good idea:) i think i might make a list of things i want to do this year <3 xx

  4. I make a list like this every year as well...mine goes on forever though...your's is great i love number 37 I wish I was fit enought to run the marathon i can barely run a bath haha
    i'm not quite brave enough to put one on my blog yet haha but maybe next year... 12,13 and 14 are all on my list too haha!! xxx

  5. Haha trust me Im nowhere near running the marathon, I can barely run up the stairs! But never the less its still a goal :)

    I think you should go for it! Some of mine are really ridiculous but its fine haha xxx