Friday, 10 December 2010

Haul: Avon

My latest Avon deliver arrived about a week ago, and Ive given myself this time to try out the products before I posted this haul so I can tell you what I think of them rather that just saying "I just bought this, I don't know what its like".

I love the deals you can get in Avon, this time when I spent a certain amount on make-up I recieved a free gift set, the items that I got for free will be in blue italics.

First up, Avon Senses Winter Magic shower gel - currently £1 in a 50% off deal, bargain!

I used this shower gel for the first time this evening, and its nothing short of fabulous as far as shower gels go. It smells delicious, everything Christmas should smell like, spicey and gorgeous. Since I tried Avon's Bead Burst shower gel which promised clean and moisturised skin but left an awful oily coating on my skin, I was unsure whether buying another shower gel was a bad idea. This one has totally restored my faith, I feel squeaky clean and my shower felt rather festive.

Secondly I got the Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel as part of my free gift. I dont think you can buy this on its own, on the website you can only get it as part of the Spotlight gift set with the perfume and some other bits.
Im not sure how to describe the scent, its just perfumy really, and quite floral. I've swatched it on my hand and its nice and sparkly but not too over the top, just a nice sheen. However I've had loads of these kind of things in the past and never really use them, I think I'll jsut be putting it away to give someone as a gift.

When I seen the free gift I noticed the gorgeous "luxe lace" packaging of the Supershock Mascara, and as I have already tried the mascara and loved it I had to spend enough to get it free. Kind of defeating the object I may aswell have just bought it. So I bought the eyeliner and lipstick too...and another cheeky little lipstick just for the hell of it. Heres the luxe lace things I got, bad Hayley for buying based on pretty packaging.

But its worth it as I absolutely love all of them, the Supershock mascara is an old favourite of mine, look at the nice big wand... It really ads volume and length just as well as more expensive mascaras. It currently costs £5, but is normally £8.

I bought the luxe lace lipstick for £5.00 in Instant Mocha to make the full set, I'm a little OCD like that...and I got one of the Mega Impact lipsticks in Really Rosy for £8.00, just out of curiosity because of the shape.
Theyre both fantastic quality and theyre really smooth and creamy. They leave a colour stain for ages but they do need reapplied every so often, but hey I wasnt expecting miracles. Instant Mocha is a great everyday colour for me, I'm not much of a "nude girl" and this is just a nice happy medium between nude and bright I think. Really Rosy is brighter than my usual lipstick, but I'm giving it a go and I'm liking it. Its more suited for an evening as its a nice reddy pink, I'll definately be putting it to good use.

Left-Right, Supershock Gel Eyeliner, Mega Impact Really Rosy, Luxe Lace Instant Mocha

Instant Mocha, photographs more orangey than it is in real life, its not "mocha-ish", more browny. Really rosy is pretty true to life. I dont know what I thought a swatch of the eyeliner would should, apart from its my new favourite eyeliner by miles, this swatch was from one light swipe up and down and it goes on jsut like that, a dream. It stays on forever, and its just amazing. Love it!

I also got the Nailwear Pro nail varnish in my free gift. I wont got too much into that as I just did a post on it in my latest NOTD post. I do quite like the colour, and I'm glad I got in in my gift as I would'nt have bought it normally on its own. The picture isn't very good, its a really pearly lilacy colour in real life.

Overall a rather successful haul I think :) Congrats if you actually made it this far through my babblings!

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