Tuesday, 7 December 2010


This NOTD comes a little late, as I have just removed this polish this morning actually. But here it is anyway, this is Romance from Avons Nailwear Pro range...

This is nothing at all like the kind of colours I go for. I'm normally a deep, warm coloured nails kinda girl. This is quite a frosty cold colour, and I got it free so I just had to try it anyway. It goes on a dream, and is rhas good staying power, with only 2 little chips after 4 days. The picture shows the colour very true to real life, and although its not what I would go for normally I do quite like it. What do you think? Too frosty or is it nice? I cant decide yet.



  1. oooo pretty! I just ordered one of those polishes in viva pink or something like that!xx

  2. I really like the colour! Thanks for sharing...I'm usually really boring with my polish colours, I should really venture out more! Haha!