Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bad Blogger.

Yep thats me. I've pretty much ground to a halt recently on the blogging front. I've just been so busy with everything else I havnt had the time to squeeze posts in. However I havnt totally forgotten you guys, I've been taking photos so theres a few posts I have in mind, a few hauls, a winners and losers of 2010 post and the odd FOTD or NOTD here and there. Its just getting enough time to upload photos.

This past week has been spent catching up on coursework, and college is all done until January so I dont have to think about that for a while! All manner of Christmassy things have been filling my time, and altouhgh I really enjoy blogging, most things I have to do will end up on the backburner in favour of anything to do with Christmas for these few weeks of the year. So Im very sorry but I promise I will try my best to squeeze some in and Ill throw myself right back into blogging after Christmas. Everyone loves to take some time out with their loved ones and do lovely Christmassy things Im sure, cant blame a girl for that!

Thank-you to al my gorgeous followers! I know this was a bit of a pointless post but I dont want people to think Ive jsut disappeared forever


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