Thursday, 9 December 2010

Update on me...

Ive been a rather poorly pup, and yes I am very good at feeling sorry for myself. Theres been an awful bug going around and I was unfortunate enough to catch it. Needless to say I havnt left the house for the past few days, and havnt had the energy to ever turn on my laptop.
   But I'm feeling loads better now I think its mostly out of my system, so I came on here to check my blog and I now have 40 followers, YEY! So thankyou to all you beautiful people, I never thought anyone would want to read me blabbering on but there we go :) 40 may not be a lot to others but to me its fantastic so thanks again!

I've just felt in the mood to blog, and went to do the few days of my 30 Day Challenge and the day I'm up to requests a photo of my every day make-up. Well is'nt it typical that this one would land on probably oe of the only days of the whole year when I'm not wearing a scrap of make-up. So that will just have to wait.

I've also got a few hauls I need to blog about which I'm excited about as I've discovered some lovely products that I neeeeeeeeed to share with you all. But the faff on that I go through to upload pictures is a nightmare. I wont bore you, but it basically consists on 2 laptops, a memory card, a memory stick and a card reader, in total taking around half an hour just to get picutres on to my good laptop. To be quite honest, I seriously can't be bothered with that now. But I wil get all caught up tomorrow as I'm sure I'll be right as rain after a good nights sleep.

That was a rather needless blog of nothing, but I do hope you're all having a nice week, and getting there with all the Christmas shopping. Not long now!

Lets have a toast for the douchebags


  1. Looking forward to your next post! Feel better =).

  2. Aw thankyou this made me smile :) xx