Tuesday, 7 December 2010

In and Out

Just a little post, as Im in bed all day ill and cant sleep. *Feels sorry for self* So I just thought I'd do an easy post to keep me occupied, of things that I'm loving and hating right now...


-Hot baths with a Lush bubble bar or Calm One Calm All bubble bath by Soap and Glory

- My advent candle. A cute take on the whol counting down to Christmas thing. It has 1 - 25 written dwn the side so you burn a bit off each day, the shorter it gets the closer it is to Christmas. Its so cute with snowfales and little teddybears on it, my camera wouldnt pick it up properly though :( . So heres a basic idea of what one is, even though this isnt what mine looks like...

- The game 21 Questions. I got bored sitting with a few friends in our local pub while they were watching the football and made them play it with me. We eneded up sat there for a good few hours playing it. Simple but fantastic.

- Deliveries sat waiting for you when you get home from college, even if it is presents for other people.

- Sweet little independant homeware shops where I want to buy everything there have and mould my own home around it. Something I plan to do when I actually get my own home.

- Taking mother bear to MAC and choosing some longed for items to put away for my Christmas present :)

- Using a hairdryer. Yeh yeh its bad for my hair, but it kills 2 birds with 1 stone by drying it and warming me up all at the same time.

- My new floral wellies. My entire she collection, and my toes, thank them for protecting them against the winter weather.


- Snowing enough to be awkward and annoying, but not enough for my 8 hours in college to be cancelled tomorrow.

- Missing Loose Women due to college. Oh how I would love to be jobless and watch Loose Women every day. But at least I can see it today, even though I'd much rather be feeling well and have to go out.

- Idiots who throw snowballs off cars. Its not big, and it aint clever.

- AVON Bead Burst shower gel. I should have guessed when I read the description of the bursting beads filled with moisturising oil, that this would leave me feeling like I'd bathed in an oil slick rather than had a real wash. I'll be sticking to Soap and Glory when Ive finished the bottle I think.

- On that note, I hate how I cant just accept defeat when I hate a product and just bin it. I cant bare to waste it so I have to go through using it all up which is rather irritating and usually means using 5 times as much shower gel than I need each time to try and make it go away quicker.

Sorry this turned into a big long rant about nothing, I jsut wanted to post something and didnt have the resources to go taking photos and reviewing things right this minute


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