Friday, 6 May 2011

April Empties

I was contempleting on whether or not to do this post as the things I have finished up are pretty basic, but here they are anyway and my thoughts on them:

Johnsons Daily Essentials Facial Cleansing Wipes
These are their face wipes for normal skin. I must say I really didnt like these, and only used them up for the sake of not wasting them. It was hard work getting my make-up off with these although they were ok with my waterproof mascara compared to other wipes Ive tried. What I didnt like about them most was the kind of oily feel they left on my skin. I just felt like I needed to wash it again straight after. Im trying to get out of the lazy habit of using cleansing wipes and using proper cleanser a lot more, but these just didnt cut it for me anyway.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
This is just a basic moisturiser, but I find it works wonderfully. What more can you say about a moisturiser? Its a lovely consistency, not thick and not too runny, and it smells fresh too. Ive aleady bought a second tube to replace this one and I know Ill be buying more when that one runs out too. I use it every day morning and night and I even like it better than my Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion.

Soap and Glory Hand Food
This is without a doubt my favourite hand cream by a mile. It smells delicious and really moisturises my hands nicely without leavin a greasy sheen. This is the little one I keep in my bag because Ive got an obsession with having smooth hands and thats why this one ran out. I keep a big tube for in the house and that huge one is temporarily residing in my bag until I get my hands on another mini one. Also, how cute is the packaging, I love Soap and Glory too much.



  1. Good work finishing things, I love these kinds of posts! Still working on mine.

  2. i love neutrogena skincare products, so underrated i think :) xx