Saturday, 7 May 2011

Haul: ELF

This morning I received a lovely little parcel from Elf Cosmetics (or Im sure many of you know them for their good reputation for inexpensive products and great quality. They were offering free delivery and a free nail polish to celebrate the Royal Wedding, so I thought it would only be rude to ignore such an offer, heres what I bought:

"Light Red" Nail Polish: I havent used this yet, but the other ELF nail polish I own is really ood quality, and  lvoe the colour of this and considering it was free I cant complain!

Powder Brush: This has a fabulous reputation amongst beauty bloggers so it was a must in my shopping basket. Its soooo soft and dense and Ive already used it for my powder and it worked a dream, and I plan on experimenting with usinng it for my foundation tomorrow. Ive heard it compares to the Sigma F80 brush and Im excited to get that to make my own comparisons.

Eye Crease Brush: This is actually wonky as the picture shows, but for £1.50 I cant grumble really. This is just a basic brush for creasework as the ones I have are much thinner and dont work too well.

Hypershine Lipgloss in Vixen: I love the colour of this (see below). I really like the formula of these glosses, they last a while and arent too runny or too sticky, they also smell and taste lovely. I went for a brighter colour saying as before today I realised I didnt own many lipglosses, and no bright ones at all. Ive been wearing this all day and its great even for through the day as its not as bright as it looks in the tube.

Eyebrow Treat and Tame: I bought this jsut for taming my eyebrows really. The "tame" side is a great colour match for my brows and has a thick mascara type wand to catch the brow hairs and it did a great job of keeping them tidy through the day. The "treat" side is meant to promote growth for sparse brows, and this has a kind of lipgloss type brush thing to apply with. Ive applied this tonight when I took of my make-up so I cant report any long term effects, but it doesnt feel wierd and its soaked in nicely so its totally unoffensive and easy to use.

The flash makes it look like I was sitting in the pitch black but I wasnt, also lets all take a seocnd to admire my very grown up pjamas...

This is just swatches of the eyebrows tamer and the vixen lipgloss, both of which I really like.

Im rather pleased with my Elf haul :) I can tick some of these of my Elf wishlist now!


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