Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sigma F80 vs. ELF Powder Brush

Ive been meaning to do this post for so long now, but Im glad Ive gave them both a really good try before I did this review.

Id heard that these brushes were very similar so decided to put it to the test, and to cut to the chase, they are ridiculously similar in almost every single way.

- Apply powder, cream blush and liquid founation immaculately. This is the only products Ive used them with but find they work very well with all of them, giving even coverage, no streaks at all and an almost airbrush finish, I will never ever use my average founation brush again after discovering these.

-Wash well, I find these suprisingly dry quite quickly after washing and come out lovely and fluffy.

- No shedding, which to me can be the end of a brush when they leave black hairs all over your nicely applied make-up when you then have to pick holes in it to get rid of the brush hairs. Neither of these have shed a single hair with me, big thumbs up!


- Density, yes they are both very dense brushes but to me the sigma is slighty more dense than the ELF brush. I think this may be just because the brush hairs on the elf brush are slightly longer than the sigma brush so they splay out a little more at the top and arent as tightly packed. Because of this I like the Sigma brush a little better as I feel it buffs in my foundation slgihtly better as the bristles are so tightly packed at the end. But this is nit picking, an only a tiny difference!

- Overall quality, the sigma brush overall feels like a better brush. It just looks better to me, the lettering on the handle is more professional looking, and I like the thicker handle. Also, this week the handle on the ELF power brush has become very loose, and wiggles around a lot which leads me to think it might come out pretty soon and break, which is a huge thumbs down!

-Price, of course the ELF powder brush wins hands down at under £5, and the Sigma brush is $16. Im not quite sure exactly how much this is in pounds, but obviously quite a bit more than the ELF brush. Because of this, on a budget I woul go for buying the ELF brush as it is pretty much the same an still amazing, but if you have the spare cash I would recommend the Sigma brush, I just prefer it!

The Winner....Sigma F80!

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  1. I have both and love the f80 for foundation but prefer the elf brush for just powder :) x

  2. The Sigma one sounds lovely! Great reviews

  3. aggghhh i really want to try these!!! id love a sigma brush!!

  4. i looove my elf powder brush, but really want to try the sigma brush! my elf brush came loose a while ago..and i've never got round to trying to glue it back..it hasnt come out yet though, but i try to hold it nearer the hair to be sure! nicola xx

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