Monday, 9 May 2011

Disapponting Products #3

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion in Fair to Normal
I was one of the girls who jumped on the gradual tanner wagon a few years ago, and I put up with it for years, and now I realise how crap this stuff is! I was too chicken to try full false tan so I just used to buy this, and havnt used it for ages I found it in a drawer and just chucked it out. It stinks so bad, and the "tan", with this shade especially is barely there and takes so many applications to even build up any sort of colour. I wouldnt really ever use something like this again. I love St Moriz too much now! 

Avon Solutions Complete Balance AM/PM Creams
I just couldnt get away wth this product, the smell is a bit wierd, knd of chemically. I ued t for a few weeks and saw no improvement to my skin and prefered my average moisturiser. This clams to balance out your skin which I thought would be good for my combination skin but there was no change at all...The day cream is a bit greasy, and the night cream is lke an awful green gel that leaves your face feeling horrible, so horrible I often took t off and put on a regular moisturiser instead. Its just not nice at all.

See...wierd green gel for bed? No thanks!



  1. i'm not a fan of gradual tanners either, just go the whole hog and get a full on tanner i say!

    the green gel reminds me of those kids programmes where they sit in a booth and get it poured all over them haha! x

  2. ooh dear - ive just bought a dove gradual tannner...not the same as that one but im worried now! :P i saw st moriz the other day and was going to get it but im too chicken :P xxx

  3. @emma, haha d never thought of it like that but it really does look like gunge, ergh!

    @nicola, dont worry it might be to youre liking, i used it for years and was quite happy with it then, just now ive used a proper tanner i find it useless in comparison...try this and then you mght be more confident in using st moriz :) xxx

  4. That Avon cream looks strange!