Tuesday, 3 May 2011

April In Pictures

Loved seeing Tabitha (blonde in the middle) I really miss her.

Last Minute decision to go out, My hair and make-up were from 9AM in the morning, this is why I look like a sweaty monkey, all in the name of drinks with the girlies.

Love Laura...A.k.a Audrina Patridge.

Hair taken a battering...Hiya Jen!

Too many Appletinis....

Westsideeee *cringe*....These boys are some of my best mates(and boyfriend obviously), and the best people to have a night out with because they dont cry that their heels are hurting their feet haha. Have to say I love to be out and dancing too much to ever let my feet bother me, either that or Ive been really lucky with all of the shoes Ive ever bought.

Good Friday... Me and my beautiful Natalie

Ive known these girls since we were 4 years old, aww!

Easter Sunday...Me and Jen in Yates's, I look completely awful whats with that smile and my hair haha, never mind it was a good night :)

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