Friday, 13 May 2011

NOTD...My New Absolute Favourite!

Gosh it feels like a millino years since I did a NOTD considering I wear nail polish every day of my life...

   The photos do this polish no justice at all, I could seriously sit and lok at it in different lights all day, and its Aztec by Accessorize. Depending on how the light hits on it its a shimmer mixture of gold, blue, green and pinky purple. It kinda looks like when petrol has been spilt on the ground and it leaves that rainbow effect.

This photo makes it look so dull so I included the wierd thumb shot below to give a better idea of it...but you really have to see it on in person to understand how gorgeous it is. I noticed tt actually looked amazing under the water when I was sat in the bath as the light was jsut bouncing off it in so many colours.

Its also grat for only £4, and it gets this opaque in two thin coats, and is really quick drying. They do a few other polishes with a similar effect but different shades which I think I will have to pick up, this polish makes all my others look so flat and boring now its that beautiful

As you can tell, massive thumbs up to Accessorize Aztec from me :)

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  1. That's gorgeous! I want to try Accessorize makeup