Sunday, 8 May 2011

Haul: Avon

My monthly Avon delivery wa given to me by my neighbour and Avon rep this morning and I have to say, sometime sI order form Avon for the sake of it, but this time Im really happy with everything Ive got. Before I ordered I looked through my make-up collection and decided I was particularly low on lip products, lip glosses in particular so I made it my mision to find some decent Avon ones...

As you can see a particularly lip-gloss heavy order...

Livv Botanicals Vitalising Eye Cream with SPF 15
Ive been looking for an eye cream for a while but didnt know what to pick as ve never had one before. This was is the sale book for around £3.50 so I picked it up to try. Ive used it a few time now and I have to ay I really like it...thee are only first impressions though so I will have to review later!

Magix Illuminator
I think this i definately a kind of copy for the YSL Touche Eclat. Its kind of a lipquid en concealer and illuminator in one so great for under eyes. I used this on my under eyes this morning and although I cant say there was a great difference, its better than nothing, and considering Ive never used concealer on my under eyes before I think this worked nicely, didnt crease or cake at all either.

Glazewear Silky Shine Lipstick in Pink Apricot
I was instantly attracted to these by the gorgeous sleek rose gold packaging, just beautiful. Also because they say they are oft and moisturising, which I always want in a lipstick and hate it when they highlight dry patches. This colour is right up my street, (swatch below), its really silky smooth and lasts ages. You dont need a gloss either because its perfectly glossy on its own. The colour range is great so I think Ill be picking up more of these! It was only £8 as well which I think is really good considering I prefer the formula and packaging to some of my MAC lipsticks.

Glazewear Shine in Iced Pink
This is a little light for what I would normally choose but it came in a pack of 3 with the 2 in the picture below for only £4 so I couldnt pass it up! It is actually a nice colour, and the glazewear lipglosses are always lovely I find.

Glazewear Shine in Pink Watermelon
I picked this up on its own for around £8 I think, because I was particuarly looking for a lip gloss of this shade. I really love this, the colrou is gorgeou and can be worn sheer for through the day or built up a little to be brighter for night time. I know Ill get a lot of use out of this.

Glazewear Intense in Sundance
This is a very bronzey shade that I would never normally buy alone, but Im glad it came in the set. Its a gorgeous shade when worn alone, and Im glad Ive got the chance to try the Intene lip glosses as they are much more pigmented than the Shine ones. I would definately buy more colours in the future, and Ive suprised myself in really liking this colour too.
Glazewear SPF 15
This is jsut a clear gloss which I actually dont have any of. I wore this today and the formula is lovely and silky without being sticky, which Ive came to love about these Glazewear glosses. I also lov that its SPF15, great for wearing through the day on holiday as a nice alternative to a chapstick.

Magix Illuminator, heavily swatched and not blended out
Pink Apricot Lipstick
Iced Pink Gloss
Pink Watermelon Gloss
Sundance Gloss



  1. I haven't ordered from Avon is ages! Great buys

  2. ooh i love avon - looks like youve got some great buys! xx