Sunday, 22 May 2011

Currently Loving...#2

Changed The Way You Kissed Me - Example
When this is released I feel it may be one of the songs of the summer, love it already! Its been my favourite song to get me motivated to do my work, but it usually makes me jsut want to be out having a good time.

Leaving College
Yes I go on about this a LOT, but I have three days left then I leave the hell hole for good, never been so excited!

Barry M's Pink Flamingo Polish
It looks Barbie pin in daylight, and more corally at ngiht times, which I kinda like. Its just the perfect bright pink without looking too bright and tacky. Currently wearing it on my fingers and toes, perfect for the summer time

Buying nice aftershave as a present for Davids birthday
He feels good about himself, and I get to sniff the beuaitufl scent whenever I like, win win situation. Ive bought him the male version of Hugo Boss Orange, the one with Orlando Bloom in the advert, which basically sold it to me straight away.

Wearing less make-up
Never thought I;d say this but Ive been wearing a lot less makeup recently. Ive been a bit of a hermit for about a month, having so much college work to do Ive either been at home, at college, in the library or I have only been using blush, MSF Natural, brown eyeliner and one coat of mascara. I think its done my skin the world of good a nd its much easier to remove at night time! MSF Natural give the tiniest bit of coverage to just make your skin look a little fresher, and less oily and its a must in my make-up routine, even the most minimalist of days.

Ordering online
Currently got three outfits in the post for me to choose from for Davids birthday celebrations, I thought I would treat myself for the occasion and cant wait for them to arrive. Hope theyre all nice though, I hate it when things come an they arent as you expected. I ordered from Missguided two dresses an some wedges, and found a gorgeous playsuit in the Republic sale for only £10, bargain!

Yes, Ive been obsessed. I dont care right now how bad they are for me, theyre my cravings through my time of stress and have been my favourite indulgence saying as I havent bene really going anywhere. Anything from Krispie Kreme will do nicely :)


  1. I love Barry M Pink Flamingo, it always reminds me of summer and holidays!
    I have 4 days left of sixth form ever, I share your excitement!! Also I've never tried Krispy Kremes.. D: they look so lush!