Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I need your help with my blog...

I want to make pages like "reviews" and "hauls" and "fotd" etc....and Ive worked out how to make basic pages...I ahve a new about me page, but how do i get all of my review posts to automatically come up on my reviews page? Ive seen it done so I know it can be done, Im just so crap with technology!

Any help would be amazing! Thanks :)


  1. i cant think of a way to make them automatically come up but you could always put on a link to all posts with the label 'review' or something so they all come up by date? id reccomend looking on google blog help thing - thats helped me with a lot of things!
    nicola xx

  2. I don't know how to either, I just copy and paste them in one by one or you can do your review page like mine & just link all of your review so people can go to the link to see them. :)