Monday, 23 May 2011

Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know I know, not ANOTHER Naked palette review. But, I feel as though I have some differing opinions to most the rave reviews Ive read before so I thought I would give my two cents worth.

When the Naked palette arrived at my house I literally had butterflies in my stomach as I unwrapped the parcel I was literally THAT excited. It definately lived up to my expectations in that the packaging is gorgeous, its beautifully presented and the range of colours and finishes of the shadows was outstanding.

 I instantly swatched them all on my hand with the brush that came with it (which, might I add is a very lovely brush), and knew I would use this palette to death, I never needed to purchase another eyeshadow as long as I live. I think you will agree these swatches are beautiful, yes?

Now, its not that I dont like the palette, I just think the hype of it is has been a bit of an overkill for me, and now I have it, Im not blown away by it like I was expecting from all these crazy reviews going around. The first mistake I made with them, which I quickly learnt from, is that less is more. Somehow for me its very easy to get a lot of product on your brush, and once its on your eye and it looks ridiculous you have to start all over again. Three times now Ive had to completely wipe all the eyeshadow off my eyes and start from scratch.  So just a tip, use tiny tiny amounts at a time when applying, as I find with these shadows, more so than others its easy to make mistakes...somehow!

Seocndly, Sidecar is REALLY shimmery. Yes, I love shimmery shadows, but this one is verging on glitter in it. And I found through the day this transfered round on to my temples and on to my cheeks which I really didnt again go in with a light hand especially with Sidecar!

My last grumble is my main disappointment. I applied my ELF Primer before these shadows as I do every day before I put on my eyeshadow. With any other eyeshadow it stays on perfect all day completely creaseless until I take it off for bed, whether they be MAC, ELF, or even Natural Collection shadows, they dont budge. When Ive used the Naked palette shadows they crease really badly, and I mean like the eyeshadow has practically all disappeared into a creasy line in my crease, and its not even there at all anymore on my lids. Ive tried using the UDPP instead, or MAC paintpots but for me, nothing will get these eyeshadows to stay put properly. Has anyone else had this problem?

When I first applied the shadows (Half Baked all over and Smog in outer corner)

After around 4 hours of normal wear when most shadows woudl still be perfect...

I really love the colours and its a fabulous palette once you learn to use a light hand...its just I find it rather disappointing that they really dont stay well on me...anything Im missing or any tips to stop this from happening? I really want to fall in love with my Naked palette!



  1. Mine stay fine on me...I dont have oily eyelids though, a little of my elf primer for £1.50 and it stays all day!

    Definatly agree with the less is more approach! This pallete will literally last forever! x

  2. Ahh must be just me then, its wierd though cos all other eyeshadows stay perfectly with my elf primer =/ hopefully itll work itself out somehow im hoping xx

  3. I am actually kind of glad i have read a review that doesn't rave 100% about it, it's nice to read the good and bad points!
    I don't think i will be spending my pennies on it, thanks for the review hun :D x

  4. Wow that creasing is terrible!

    I haven't had this issue with the palette, but I have dry skin.

    It could be because the shadows are really soft!

    I was also extremely excited to get mine a while back, and I too was disappointed I do love the palette, but it's not the best thing ever.

  5. Did you use the primer?
    Thank you for the review.
    I'm about to ask someone to buy from USA for me XD