Friday, 13 May 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

1. My mams put her flat on the market and has an offer in on a new house with a gorgeous big garden which means a summer of sunbathing in the new garden :)

2. My new bedroom at dads is ready to be painted, but I cant decide on colours, what do you guys think I should do?

3. I have a new obsession with my new best friend...the ELF Powder Brush. I couldnt say a bad word about this brush, money well spent, I would easly ay MAC prices for this so its such a bargain! Full review coming soon

4. My naked palette is en route to me YEY!

5. I finally got round to sorting out my student finance, thats onemassive chore over and done with :)


  1. For your bedroom I think a pastel color would be pretty! :)

  2. you can tell how obsessed i am with the powder brush - i had a dream last night that it broke and the bristles went all bad - i was gutted..but luckily it was just a dream...
    and yeah i agree - a pastel colour would look nice, or white maybe? thats quite plain but means you can decorate with any colour scheme you want!