Monday, 23 May 2011

Its Late and Im Bored...TAG

I saw this post on Caz's blog, so I thought I could kill some time and do it also...


Age: 19  
Bed size: 3/4

Chores you hate: Washing horrible dirty dishes

Dogs: I have Molly shes nearly 1 year old, shes a Collie/Staffy cross and shes a big fat softy! Excuse my just woken up appearance Sunday mornings are for looking like crap and feeling fine about it, at least my puppy is smiling for the camera :)

Essential Start to your day: Weetabix or Special K, a piece of fruit, usually apple or banana and a cup of green tea...Ill steal my brothers Weetos is Im feeling like eating crap :)

Favourite colour: Electric blue and coral, as a colour combo, beautiful!

Gold or Silver: Gold, I think it looks warmer, if that makes sense?

Height: 5' 6" Im exactly the same height as my Mam.
Instruments I play: I dont, I own a guitar but can't play it

Job Title: I dont have one at the minute, "student" doesnt count does it?

Kids: I always say I dont want kids, but I know I'll get broody at some point and end up with one or  two, but that wont be for a looooooong time yet.

Live: South Shields always have to say "near Newcastle" because nobody has ever heard of it....I hate saying Im from Newcastle though, because Im not. 
Mum's Name: Sue
 Nickname: I dont really have one. Davids friends call me Hazza to annoy me on purpose, and my Mam sometimes calls me Hayls, but no real nickname

One wish: By some miracle me and my family get a free holiday to Florida in the summer. Ive been needing it really bad after looking through the photos of last time, cant believe its nearly 3 year ago now!

Pet Peeve: Being told Im in a mood when Im not, because then that makes me in a mood.

Quote from a Movie: I have to agree with Caz and say practically every line thats spoken from The Hangover, I think everyone quotes that movie!

Right or Left handed: Left

Siblings: One Brother, Ben, 13, Rugby player, and drummer in a band...yeh hes the cooler sibling.

Time you wake up: Somewhere between 7 and 8, but then I can fall back asleep until around half 9 if Im allowed a lie in, but I cant stay in bed longer than that because it ameks me feel crapy and lazy for the rest of the day.

Underwear: Something from La Senza or the Knickerbox section of Ann Summers....Something pretty but comfy, dont wanna feel frumpy, dont wanna be uncomfortable.

Vegetables you dislike: Parsnip, green beans, and sprouts...Ill eat pretty much any other vegetable, yes my parents are very proud.

What makes you run late: Reading blogs or watching videos thinking I have loads of time, then the time is gone and Im still sat there not ready.

X-Rays you've had done: Just my teeth twice.

Yummy food you make: I make the home made yorkshire puddings for sunday dinner every week....and Im always complimented on my cake making abilities. Oh, and Im quite good at timing steak well somehow :)

Zoo Animals: Always the meerkat, I was their biggest fan before Alexsander came along!
Bit pointless but does my blog really have any set direction anymore?


  1. cool post hun, totally agree about the sprouts eurgh they are just eurgh, arr lucky u would love go florida always wanted to go to seaworld xx