Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Nightly Facial Routine

I dont know about any of you guys but this whoel blogger breaking thing has left me so confused, posts that were put up last week are now being re-put up as part of them fixing it so my blog rolls all mixed up, AND I spent hours on Thursday making about 7 new pages to put at the top of my blog for you guys and now theyre gone :( Just hope they retunr by magic as I put loads of effort into them.

...Anyway! I decided it might be a nice idea to show you how I take care of ym skin at night before I go off to the land of dreams. Its not by any mean a perfect routine, and I know I will find better products int eh future, but Im on a tight budget and these leave my skin feeling clean ad fresh and make-up free, which is really my aim when Im too tired to move to go to the sink!

Cleansing Wipes
These are a bad example as they arent really my favourites, they were just cheap! I love he Off Your Face ones from S&G and suprisingly the Primark ones are really good too. I just use face wipes to get the bulk of my make-up off at first before continuing with the rest of my routine. I cant let myself jsut stop at this step because I jsut dont feel like Im fully rid of my make-up.

Cleanser with Cotton Wool Pad
I just use a milky cleaser like this as it means lazy me doesnt haveto go to th bathroom, fill the sink and clip my hair back, but when I finaly invest in the Liz Earle Cleanser then I will be so much more motivated to be less lazy! At the minute I use this Garnier SImple Essentials one, its really basic but it smells fresh and leaves your skin feeling lovely and clean but soft at the same time, I really liek it considering it was less than £3.00.

Toner & Cotton Wool Pad
I think toner is an essential step in facial care that too many miss out. It takes all of the excess cleanser off, as well as any final unmissed make-up and dirt. I know it does all sorts of technical stuff but I really like this for just rounding up the cleaning stage of my routine as it feels nice and cooling and smells nice. I find this Body Shop Vitamin E one doesnt dry your skin out or make it feel tight like others can and its just lovely.

Eye Cream
I use this is the morning as well as at night now, its the Avon Botanicals one, and is the first eye cream Ive owned. I ant to look after the delicate skin around my eye area as much as possible to try and avoid crows feet and wrinkles as long as possible (yes I know Im 19, but you can never start too early, right?). Also this is just a really nice moisturiser for my eye area too, and smells so fresh and is really cooling. I jsut feel like Im doing my skin some good with this. However it might be a really rubbish eye cream compared to others as Ive never tried any apart from this, even though I do really like it. If you have any recommendations for me to try please leave them below :)

Depending on how dry my skin feels and what kind of mood Im in I will switch up my night time moisturiser. Personally I dont think theClinique Dramatically Different Lotion is as amazingly moisturising as is said about it, I find it to be the lgihtest moisturiser I own. I tend to choose this one when I want a lighter lotion especially in the summer time. The good old Nivea Cream is my go to option when my skin feels really tight and dry and this gives is such a big serving of pure moisture. I love how thick it is and you only need a tiny bit so it lasts forever, and I particularly like this in the winter time. I cant go without moisturiser, and these are jsut my choices at night time not for through the day and the Clinique is too light, and the Nivea takes a while to dry and leaves a creamy sheen which is only acceptable for bed time!

I had never considered doing anything to my eyebrows before bed until I bought this ELF Eyebrow Treat and Tame. Now I use the "treat" side every night before I go to bed, I think its meant to promote growth or something, and psychologically it makes me feel like Im doing them some good somehow. Ive only had it about a week so I cant commetn on if its actually done anything or not yet, but I do like it. It sinks in quite nicely and doesnt sit like a horrible gel on your lashes like I thought it might, so Im happy to contine using it. I also LOVE the tame side for through the day, really fantastic.

Lip Balm
I cant go to sleep without applying a good thick lip balm first. This basic Nivea one is my lip balm of choice at the minute. I love to slather them on thick for through the night which probably looks horrible and isnt something you would want to walk around in the day time sporting on your lips. So this is a must for night time to get my lips silky smooth for lipstick through the day. I do have quite a selection, and use Carmex through the day, but again any recommendation would be fantastic :D


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  1. I have the same boots wipes, and they are nice, but I don't like the scent!