Monday, 23 May 2011

I miss being a little kid...

I was just sat reminiscing about the good old days and thought I could make a little post, feel free to do it too, I thought it might make some of you  guys remember some of them too...Nothing at all beauty related but Im not at home so cant use pictures, so why ever not :)

I miss....

Betty Spaghetti's ....I was actually obsessed, I remember having these sleepover ones:

Jelly Shoes...These were the exact ones I had, absolutely gross haha!

Brushing my Barbie's hair and placing them neatly in rows in my Barbie toy box, yes I was a neat freak at 6 years old...Bedtime Barbie was my favourite, she was all soft apart from her head and the heat off your fingers could make her eyes look closed, I used to have to have her in bed with me, really weird looking at it now...

FunHouse with Pat Sharp, I LOVED this show...Always wanted to go on it...

Trollz, I had a strangely large collection of these....

Waiting excitedly for the new Harry Potter book coming out and reading all of the ones before it over and over and over until the new one came out. Ah, I miss being a little child nerd...

Rosie and Jim...absolute heroes!...Looking at them now theyre absolutely terrifying haha

Biff and Chip books...I read these for the fun of it not just 'cos it was my school reading book, bless
Turkey Twizzlers, I curse the day Jamie Oliver had them taken off the school menu and I cant even get them in Iceland now....I know theyre full of everything thats bad in the world but nothing tasted better than a good Turkey Twizzler for school dinners...I jsut looked for a picture to put up and I wont because they look so gross lmao.

Playdays, so much better than Dora the Bloody Explorer...who can forget little Peggy Patch, aww

Old Bear...Love the books, and the TV show was actually the cutest thing ever, I cried at it when I watched an episode on youttube a few weeks ago...silly hormones! Im going to force my kids to read the books and watch the show because its just the nicest most wholesome, and typically british thing ever, I even have a picture of it on my sidebar of my blog that how much I adore Old Bear...

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I dont think my obsession wen taway until I was about 16...Id probably sit down and watch it now if it was still on, I collected all the Sabrina Secrets magazine with the trainmcase of make-up and the huge Salem cuddly toy, actually obsessed.

My PS1 and Game Boy Advance, I even had a Sabrina game on that too, but Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon were my main obsessions...

Sorry its the most silly and pointless post ever, I just felt like it! Cant talk about make-up 24 hours a day really :) If Ive missed any amazing things off let me know haha


  1. I had that Barbie doll too! I would watch Old Bear over and over again- I had my own 'Little Bear' in his pjs hehe aww I miss being a kid too xx

  2. I miss being a little kid too! I was just thinking about this the other day :)

  3. Ooo this post brought back sooo many memories! I LOVED Fun House and Playdays when i was little :)

  4. fab post hunni love it xxx

  5. Jelly shoes! I used to throw some right tantrums as my mum tried to step me getting the ones with heels. Love everything in this post! Funhouse is bloody amazing, sometimes I rewatch it on youtube! And I will always love crash bandicoot and spyro- I actually bought Spyro for the Wii so I can still get my spyro fix, such a geek!xxx

  6. @Claire, me too! Little Bear was my favourite, so cute, or maybe Jolly Tall, cutest giraffe ever :)

    @VM and Hayley, thanks girls :D

    @Emily, Haha my Dad never wanted me to have the ones with heels either but I think I must have won that argument as I remember going to buy them and couldnt decide between neon pink or silver, lovely!...OMG I didnt know you could get them for the Wii, my poor Wii has sat there unused since I got bored of Wii fit, I miss Spyro!

  7. I loved Old Bear! I'm not gonna lie, I actually tried to find myself a pair of classic 90s jelly shoes last year, I failed though!

  8. Love this post, takes me back and i can relate to every single one of the things you listed above. Oh the joys of being a child ;).

    Sadie xx

  9. I LOVE THIS POST!! Rosie & Jim were my top fave, Funhouse is awesome and I was on Playdays!!!!!

  10. Love this so much. Going to use it as inspiration if that's okay? I'll obviously link you. :) x x

  11. Oh my! Betty spaghetti was the best! I had them and loved mixing their outfits up. ALso fully agree with the Sabrina obsession, I recently found some on youtube - all my dreams came true! xxx