Friday, 20 May 2011

Five Good Things For Friday

1. I am one little essay away from finishing college forever! Then I have the whole summer to do as I please until uni in October, so many little projects I wanna do its crazy.

2. I finally found my Skull Candy headphones. Seriously, even ipod headhones seem like cheapy and not so good once youve used these, and im not a technical person, they just make everything sound amazingggg. My iPods getting a lot of love now I have these beauties back :)

3. I cant believe I didnt remember to put this first. My Dad suprised me with tickets to see Take That next weekend. Im so excited beyond belief! I seen them o their circus tour 2 years ago and it was absolutely AMAZING. The perfect end to college forever! :)

4. Davids birthday is just around the corner and of course a big bunch of us are celebrating with a night out in town. Ive just placed an order on Missguided for some ridiculously huge wedges and two dresses so I can take my pick, haul post when they arrive!

5. Ive fell in love with MAC's Viva Glam Gaga again, the first one. Ive been using it every single day, and I really need to hold back with it a bit because I never got a back-up of it :(



  1. ohmygosh i am so jealous - TAKE THAT!!! theyre the one band i would majorly love to see in concert! lucky you! xx